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“Bad stuff, Nick. Harold Saponi has been murdered.”

police detective.”

     “Are you kidding? My chief would never stand for it,” I replied.

     “Ha! You know they’d love it. The CPD is all about diversity now and being politically correct. They’d be thrilled if you went on as their poster boy, The Gay Detective.”

     I resisted for a while longer, but he was persistent, my chief was enthusiastic, and before long we were having a meeting with Mr. Phelps, general manager of the local cable channel. He felt there was a niche for the show and agreed to a one-season contract. Since I had to get to work for the three to eleven shift, we’d broadcast live as a morning show, right after Today and Good Morning America, once a week to start with, at ten o’clock in the morning.

     I didn’t know much about hosting a show but Darren kept saying, “Interview like you were having a conversation with your best friend.”

     What a trip, I thought to myself as Will brought us the check.

     Just then my cell phone rang.

     “Shit,” I said. It was my boss, Lieutenant Brodsky. He wouldn’t have bothered me unless it was urgent.

     “S’up, Lieutenant?”

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